1969 VW Bug

A throwback to the summer of love, a 1969 VW Bug is an iconic reminder of easy, breezy days of peace, love and awesome German engineering. In her original dress of toga white, this little beauty has only been with two owners. She boasts a completely restored interior and exterior, keeping the natural and original beauty she came to shore with. Her transmission needs some lovin’ but it is only because she is a rarity with an auto-stick. Everyone has a ‘dream car’ and this little beetle has been just that for decades… She comes with a mini library of VW books, a few extra pieces of chrome, the original key, owners manual and toolkit, a lifetime of memories, street cred and an elevated driving experience.

For more information and photos, please email bug.1969.vw@gmail.com

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  1. i use to have one of these bugs for 10 years then sold it for 900. 00 about 150,000miles on two engines sunroof radio and pushout windows deforst on rear window plus bumper guards on bumpers really had alot of good times in that car

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